Here is the list of questions we will ask you when visit. Obviously if any of these details change at any time do let us know so we can update your dogs record card. We keep one of these records per dog. 


We use physical record cards for a number of reasons, they work even if any computer system, network, internet goes down. It also means we can keep the record card to hand while we groom to refer to easily and we don’t need to worry about a dog knocking a tablet computer of the table.

We may at some point get a digital record system but we also need to make sure it is accessible but secure.



With regards to destroying the record cards, if a customer has not been with us for a number of years, we will often destroy the record card as it would no longer be relevant after that time, even if the customer should return. We will destroy cards if dogs pass away or if they move away and are not likely to be returning. 
The way they are destroyed is to cross shred the name of the dog, owner, signature, dates and contact details. If any customer needs to request the data we hold on them please contact us on With your dogs name, breed, your name, and mobile number.

Destroyed Record Cards
Destroyed Record Cards
Any other groomers reading this and would like to purchase some record cards (without the watermark) please let us know how many and we can offer a price. Printed on thick or thin card.

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