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Book your December appointment NOW for a chance to win!

Book your December appointment now before 15th November!

On the 15th of Novemeber we will be picking at random one of the people that is booked in and making their appointment FREE!!

As Bob likes supprising people, you will not know who has won the free groom until that person shows up for their groom and it will be awarded to them there on the spot! 😀 – Merry Christmas


Terms and Conditions…
The prize is only for 1 dog, so if you have 5 dogs booked in and win its not all 5 its just the dog that we land on.
The appointment has to be booked before 15th November, if you alter the appointment after that providing its still in December you will still get that appointment free.
If you fail to show up for this appointment you will never know you where the winner!! We will then quickly pick a winner from the remaining appointments of December.
The gift can not be transferred to another dog. Including if you have two dogs you cant pick which dog it is, it is completely random.
How we pick? On the 15th Nov at Dinner time(ish) we will count the appointments booked in December and using a Random Number Generator online count through the calendar to the random number and which ever dog it lands on will be the winner. We will then write the name down on a slip of paper and seal it away. also making a note on our calendar appointment. on the day when that dog is being paid for we will reveal the winner and waver the charge!!

So get booked in for December NOW!!

Mayors Murder Mystery Fund Raiser Raffle Prize !

Murder Mystery Raffle Prize. – 08/03/24

To the winner they will be able to call up and book a free groom up to the cost of £44. If the cost of the groom is more, then the remaining can be paid on the day, cash or card. Please try to book well ahead of your appointment as we do book up quite far ahead. We can also offer a pickup and drop off service if you are within the capture range for a small additional fee. 

If the appointment is missed or cancelled within 2 weeks of the date its booked for any reason the voucher will be voided. 

We may be able to do other animals if the winner does not have a dog. Please call up and we will see what we can do. 

The voucher is only valid until 8th March 2025. And can only be used once.

The prize can only be redeemed once. You must hand in the voucher on the date of the photo shoot.

If you would like a framed photo of your dog after they have been pampered, please let us know during the booking. Please call us arrange : 07495496888

If you find any errors within any of these, please do let us know.


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