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Dog Teeth Cleaning
Here is all the information on our teeth cleaning services and teeth cleaning in general. Any questions feel free to email us to ask. Email Questions


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(for dogs)

Just like in humans, dog’s teeth also need looking after. Unlike humans they can’t tell you if they are having toothache or pains from their mouth. A dogs mouth means far more to them too, it is how they interact with the world, biting furniture, chewing sticks they find on the floor, destroying toys, eating all kinds of things they find..

As dog owners we are best placed to just keep their mouth in check (Easier said than done). Dogs can succumb to the same type of issues humans do as well, plaque, cavities, gingivitis, etc. Here at Staceys Dog Grooming we use the Emmi Pet ultrasonic teeth cleaning system. 


Cleaning dogs teeth in an ideal world would happen every day, but as it will often be difficult chore we suggest doing it at least every month or two. If you get regular grooms it might be worth tying the teeth cleaning with these appointments.

The toothbrushes will need to be replaced and how often this needs to be done can differ from dog to dog. If they chew, or lick while getting their teeth cleaned this might wreck the bristles sooner than other dogs that just sit still. We usually say about 15-20 sessions for a brush but it really does depend on the dog. 

Some dogs may be unable to use our service, if their teeth are too bad and they are in pain while we brush you may need to seek Vet treatments. Maybe they just wont stop chewing the toothbrush or worse our fingers! The toothbrush head can’t be refunded, but if we are unable to clean your dogs teeth then we will refund any sessions already paid for minus the cost of the brush. 


*Notice – Anyone who is looking for our conventional teeth cleaning service. We have decided to stop offering this service. It was a cheaper option we felt might be useful to some people but litrally no one wanted it and it is just not as good as the emmi pet system so we would have never really recommended it. Sorry for any inconvenience*
Your experiance may vary, but this was Bellas first session!

EMMI PET (Ultra Sonic Teeth Cleaning)

The Ultrasonic Toothbrush by Emmi Pet. This is a state of the art toothbrush that vibrates the bristles 96 million times a minute! This high frequency is so fast that you can’t feel the movement, and it is absolutly silent when running. Because of this, it makes the teeth cleaning service great for dogs who are not happy with having their teeth scrubbed. 

The magic occurs in the specially formulated toothpaste. When applied with the ultrasonic vibrations the toothpaste creates Nano Bubbles that continually form and pop. This popping action helps agitate and loosen the plaque from the teeth. For this popping action to be most effective and part of the benifits of the Emmi Pet system the toothbrush is actually held in place on each tooth individually rather than using a brushing action. The Nano bubbles are smaller than the bacteria themselves so can reach all the same places to move the bacteria out! For stubborn more built up plaque we would first scrape on it with the Emmi Pet scraper before continuing with the ‘brushing’. See below for prices on this service.

Prices and Plans

Below is the prices we have for the teeth cleaning. We hope it is clear to understand, but if you are struggling then by all means call to clarify : 07495496888 or to book in.

Emmi Pet

  Pay as you go


1st Visit – 30mins – £30

Includes : Consultation, Personal Emmi PetToothbrush Head, Cleaning Session.


Additional Visits – 15mins – £15

Includes : Cleaning Session


  Cleaning Plan

Starter Plan – 1x 30mins + 5x 15mins – £90
Includes : Consultation, Personal Emmi Pet Toothbrush head, Cleaning Sessions


Bulk Plan – 10x 15mins – £120

Includes : Cleaning Sessions



 * Toothbrush heads are none refundable items, and not covered under any warranty due to the nature of their use. If we are unable to perform the sessions on your dog due to behaviour or medical issues, a refund for the cleaning will be issued. We can’t confirm how good the results or how fast you will see them as each dog is different, along with outside factors effecting it.



Info : You keep hold of the toothbrush head and bring it with you to each appointment. New ones are replaced at the cost of £8. The toothbrush will need replacing every 15-20 appointments, *this is only an estimate and depends on how much your dog bites the bristles.

Home Maintenance Kit

 Contains :

1x Rope Toy

1x Bottle of Plaque fighting gel

1x Fresh Breath Spray

1x Pack of Denta Sticks

 – £15



Info : Denta Sticks are firm rough surfaced treats made to have angular shapes and grooves. This is to help push up the teeth and rub against the plaque on the teeth. They are however no replacement for brushing and are just treats at heart. The gel is to be placed on the rope toy and then a good old game of tug’o’war. The teeth will sink into and around the rope toy which will be covered in the plaque fighting gel. The gel will get right down the gum line of the teeth without your hands and fingers being in danger of a chomp! Finish with a quick spray (1-2 squirts) for a nice minty fresh smelling breath.

Dog Getting its teeth cleaned
Your experiance may vary, but this was Bellas first session!

Health Benefits and Information

All us dog owners want the best for our doggos, and we care for their wellbeing. Looking after their dental care should not be over looked. If you have Pet Insurance, it might be worth checking to see if it includes free dental care. If not we can help and at reasonable price.

There are the usual and obvious reasons to look after your dogs teeth. 

  • Tooth loss – If their teeth are not cleaned the teeth can rot and fall out. This can causes problems for them eating as well as their face profile looking different. 
  • Bad Breath – The bacteria that is all over your dogs mouth getting out of control can lead to bad breath. Dogs breath can smell for a number of reasons, such as eating ‘dirt’, but one of the contributing factors is the bacteria.

There are the other more serious issues a dental care plan can help fight.

  • Oral Pain – Because our dogs cant tell us when they are in pain and where it is, your dog maybe suffering in silence. It might effect their behaviour, maybe lashing out, crying or just acting more withdrawn. Anyone who has had a tooth infection knows how painful it is, can effect sleep, mood, appetite.
  • Disease – Gingivitis is a common gum disease. Along with Periodontal which is an inflammation of the gums deep down round the root of the teeth.
  • Organ damage and Heart Disease – This is the least thought of issue. With all the bacteria and plaque in your dogs mouth, multiplying. This can be end up getting consumed when they eat, possibly getting into the dogs blood stream where they can then infect other organs in the body. 

So what can you do?

Getting your dog on a dental plan is a good start, frequent regular brushing is the best treatment. Watching the types of food your dogs eat, just like humans, if they eat a lot of biscuits and cakes and left overs the sugars will break down the teeth’s enamel. Dog toys designed to help clean their teeth, often with lots of rubber prongs that when they bite will rub against their teeth. Something like the Rubber Toothbrush Toy Our home maintenance kit is a good choice with the plaque fighting gel on the rope toy to help clean teeth while they play.

If your dog is suffering quite bad with their teeth they may need to see the vet where they will be knocked out so the vet can get a really good clean on all the teeth unobstructed by a dog chewing and licking. 

Booking Your Sessions

Once you have decided if you would like to have Pay As You Go or Pre booked. Then get in touch to get your dog booked in..

You can also pop in and enquire about it.


If you find any errors within any of these, please do let us know.



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