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Here is all the information on our Nail Clip service If you feel there is anything we have missed please let us know. Or if you have any questions or want anything clarifying feel free to email us to ask. Email Questions


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Here is some details about our Nail Clipping service. 


     Lets start with why you would want your dogs nails clipping..


  • You are getting scratched when they jump up at you.
  • The nails are tapping on the floor
  • Your dog is chewing them


These are actually NOT good reasons. Having your dogs claws clipped will not stop you from being scratched. Your dog is still going to have nails, we cant remove the whole nail (more on why later). It might be a bit reduced and we will try to smooth them out but they will still be hard nails jumping at you! The tapping on hard wood floors can be annoying, we know, but this can happen even with short nails and is more to do with how the dog rolls their feet as they walk. Breeds like Bulldogs and Pugs tend to walk on the back of their feet so even without tapping the floor their nails can be way to long! There can be any number of reasons why a dog chews their nails, but because they are long is not usually one of them. They might do if the nails are irritating the paw by causing the foot to land funny, or curing round back towards the paw.

Pugs are notorious for nails curling back into their pads.

The real reasons..

     Lets now go over the real reasons to get your dogs nails clipped.


  • As with the picture above, nails that curl, can grow back into the pad, piercing the pad causing pain and infection (especially on pugs!)
  • When the nails grow so long they push against the floor while the dog walks causing their toes to bend backwards.
  • … or the nail hits the floor and starts to twist the toes. These can cause pain and can cause larger issues, like walking funny which can lead to other joint issues and back pain.
  • Allowing your dog interact with the world around them. Often using their paws to scratch at things or themselves, or hold things they chew. with long nails dogs can struggle handling them, and can injure themselves.
  • Nails can break off, if they are long they are more fragile, they can get caught easier. Having a nail rip off is not so nice.


    Hopefully we have given you enough info there to get you booking your dogs nail clip with us now! but keep reading for more info.

What we do

Pretty simples

     So we clip your dogs nails shorter… Ok, so its pretty simple and obvious. So why get a professional to do this? 

Inside the dogs nail is a blood vessel, the “Quick”. Cutting dogs nails wrong you could cut this and cause the dog to bleed. This is sometimes referred to as “quicking”.

Discomfort is obviously going to happen for the dog, and these things can bleed like crazy should this happen. 

Getting a professional to do it will make it less likely to happen. Though we do almost a thousand nail clips a week, even we can quick a dog on occasion. Clear nails it is a lot less likely, but black nails there are almost no really good indicators to where the quick will be in the nail. We always need to make that first cut and then we can get a better idea of where the quick is. 

Should the worst happen and we quick a nail, we have antiseptic powders to help stop any bleeding fast, and to clean it. And your dog will not be upset with you should it happen, all the more reason to let us do it.

     Most dogs do not like having their nails done. Another great reason to get us to do it. Even if you get it all right, your dog still maybe in a sulk with you! 

We always recommend that you play with your dogs feet and nails as much as you can, especially when they are puppys. Even if its not a groomer, at some point they are likely to need a vet and it could likely be a foot issue. Get your dogs used to having their feet handled they will thank you for it in the long run.  

How long does it take

How Fast?

     Like with anything involving animals it can vary wildly..
You will drop your dog off and we don’t really need much information. If you dog is not good with other dogs or people, or is vicious, Please let us know. We will then take your dog in.


We will ask you to nip out the salon for 5 mins. Please don’t stand outside the big glass door, the purpose of getting you out the way is because dogs will be a lot harder to handle if they are trying to get to their owner. 

If your dog is particularly difficult to handle, we would still rather try first using our trained staff. If this is still not working then we can talk about having you in the salon with your dog, but only as a last resort. Almost all dogs are better behaved and easier to handle once their owners have left.

Reggie hates his nails being done but otherwise is a sweet and lovely doggo!


Pow! Easy


...and yes thats for all the nails.

Booking a nail clip

We can often accept walk in nail clips, but we do prefer notice as we can get pretty busy here.

If you find any errors within any of these, please do let us know.



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