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Full Groom
Here is all the information on our Full Groom service If you feel there is anything we have missed please let us know. Or if you have any questions or want anything clarifying feel free to email us to ask. Email Questions

What's included...

    With warm water from a power shower, we first rinse the dog down. Then using one of our premium shampoos, we massage this into the dogs coat, making sure to get down to the roots of the hair and the skin. During this section we also check for any parasites, injuries, conditions. 

Dog Bath
Sniper having a bath

Blow Dry
    There are no cabin / cage dryers used here. Our main tool is our High Velocity dryers, (HV Dryers). Like a super powered hair dryer we are in control of them at all times and with wind speeds upwards of 90mph they ‘blast’ the water from the body leaving your dog bone dry. If your dog is not so happy with high power we can turn them right down and remove the nozzle to create just a warm air breeze and extending the drying time. Along with these we do use towels. 


Fluff Dryer (situational)
    While all dogs need to be dried, dogs with a more fluffy coat make use of our fluff dryers. Blowing a nice steady stream of warm air from a stand allowing us to brush ‘fluff’ the coat to get the most full effect.

Dog Blow Dry
George being blow dried

Brush Out
    Brushing out a dog’s coat helps the coat into its natural position so that when we are cutting and shaping the dogs coat we are starting from solid point. It also helps to remove knots and matts* and coupled with the fluff dryer we can fluff the coat out to leave a great silhouette shape to the dog.


 * De-Matting can only be done for 15mins. Any longer than that is classed as animal cruelty. If it takes longer than that to remove all the matts then we would have to resort to clipping them out. This is done behind the matt so will leave a patch of very short hair. In these cases we recommend taking the whole dog short so the coat can all grow together at the same length and there is no ‘creators’.  This will be discussed with you on a case by case basis, as some may be able to be styled out depending on their location. 

Dog Brushed out

Cut and Style
We will try to accomplish the style of cut you want* for your dog, be it an all off, or an Asian fusion.. There is no judgement here, if you want to ask for something wild or something simple. Using our array of high quality tools and equipment we should be able to accommodate any dog. 


 * The wellbeing of the dog comes first. The style you request may not be able to be done if other factors are stopping us. Such factors maybe but not limited to things like…


  • Matted Hair
  • Certain  cowlicks (the patterns the hair naturally curls to) 
  • The condition of the coat (maybe its not thick enough)
  • Medical conditions of the dog, that deem it unfair to perform that style
  • Dogs temperament, if they are thrashing about or biting, a fancy style might be too much or dangerous and a clip down might be a suggestion