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Dog Teeth Cleaning
Here is all the information on our Ear cleaning services and Ear health in general. Any questions feel free to email us to ask. Email Questions


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Dogs ears can get encumbered with waxy build, up along with all the muck and dirt from rubbing their faces on the ground! 


Dogs hearing is about 4 times stronger than ours so its safe to say they use their hearing. Keeping their ears clean will help keep them alert and interacting with the world around them like normal.


Along with keeping the usual function of your dogs ears working, cleaning can help with infections and problems. We see a LOT of dogs with ear problems. Once your dog starts to develop ear problems, it is likely something you will always be battling with. Dogs ears have a very delicately balanced eco system. The bacteria that causes staff infection actually lives within the ears, but the body’s immune system helps keep it in check. Any kind of imbalance can promote the bacteria to thrive and then you are dealing with infections. 


For these reasons it is good to keep your dogs ears clean and healthy. Staceys Dog Grooming has been cleaning dogs ears for over a decade, many times every day. Its safe to say we have seen it all! So if your dog has some proper mucky ears, or you just want to keep on top of it please give us a call and get booked in. You will leave your dog with us for just 10mins. In this time we will ask you to leave the salon and go round the corner so your dog cant see you. This helps keep your dog calmer so they are not trying to get to you. We will then using alcohol based solution and wipes clean the ear. If its particularly bad we may need to pour the solution directly into the ear and give it a good massage. Should this be the course of action you may notice some leaking from the ear later but this is fine just wipe with a tissue. The alcohol based cleaner will mostly evaporate out but can take a little while longer if its poured in. We also use cotton buds if needed to get into the folds of the ear. While your dog is with use we will be checking their ear and will inform you of any signs of infections or any concerns. 


To check at home for any signs of infection, you will just need to check how your dogs ears smell. Foul smells can often indicate an infection. (it could just be super mucky though). You also want to look for reddening. Your dog may start scratching and rubbing its ears this could be a sign of infection (or just that there is dirt causing irritation). If you are unsure please feel free to pop in and ask us to check. 


After your dog has had its ears cleaned, you might notice them scratching their ears, maybe rubbing their head on the floor or against things. This is because they have become used to feeling of the waxy dirt and now its gone their ear feels fresh and different. They may also be able to hear better which feels fresh as well. This is all normal, but if you can stop them from rubbing their face on the ground it would be great as we don’t want them full of muck right away.


While working with animals has its rewards, it can also have its difficulties. Ear cleaning can be something some dogs are not a fan off. (This can sometimes also be time to investigate for infection if their ears are hurting). We don’t guarantee that your dogs ears will come out perfect, especially if your dog is uncomfortable or wriggling/fighting the process. 99 our of a 100 the dogs are fine and these are the kind of results you can hope to see. 


At time of writing the prices are :


We will endeavour to keep the price correct on the website but it is subject to change. It is highly unlikely but in unusual circumstances additional charges may occur. 


We also have the offer of an Ear clean and a nail clip for just :



* All our grooms include the ear cleaning service in their price. * 


Simply contact us any way you can here are some of the ways..

You can also pop in and enquire about it.


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