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Here is all the information on our Creative Grooming service (Addon). If you feel there is anything we have missed please let us know. Or if you have any questions or want anything clarifying feel free to email us to ask. Email Questions


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What is it?

Creative grooming is taking things outside the usual standard practical cuts. Or even the more show standard style of cuts, often refered to as ‘breed standard’ grooms. Creative, is all the styles outside of these. Things like colouring, or crazy cuts, (dogs with Mohican anyone?). Things like Asian Fusion, are the creative styles coming from oriental countries like Japan, and they do some fun stuff, Bichons with Cubed head shapes! What ever you have as an idea let us know and we will see how we can help.  


Striking Colouring
    The first most simple and most striking kind of creative grooming. Turning heads and getting attention. Look glam on the walks and stand out from the crowd! 

Romeo posing with his red ears, tail and Heart on his side

*  Patch Testing
    Not all dogs can have dye jobs. Two weeks before your dogs colour appointment we would need to get them in to do a ‘Patch Test’. We will put a small amount of dye in a discreate area, we will then check this patch before commencing the actual colouring to make sure the skin has not reacted to it and become irritated. If it has we would not be able to colour your dog sorry. 

Fist we bath and dry your dog.
Then we apply the dye or dyes
Then we wait
And wait some more
Rinse off the excess dye
and then finish the groom

How Long Does it Take?
Like with all things with animals, no one can be certain. Along with how a dog behaves, the amount of dye/any patterns or number of colours will all effect how long the process will take. We would suggest it would be about an hour if you want just the ears and tail, add another 30mins if you are wanting a symbol or small pattern.

What Colours do you have?
The usual types of colours, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple, Black. There are other colours we can get but they are usually variations on these (light blue, pink, brown etc). Let us know what you have in mind and we will see what we can do for you.

How long does it last?
The colour is permanent until it has grown out. We recomend you really think about it for dogs with short hair like a French Bulldog, as it will take a long time to grow out. Dogs like Poodles, ShihTzu, Bichons are great as their hair grows so fast. 


You might see it fade a bit if it has been in the sun for a while. After a few weeks it will fade a little. The amount and how fast it fades will be affected by the colour as some colours like yellow and pink will fade quicker than say red or black.

All our prices are estimates, if your dog makes doing the job harder the price maybe elevated than a dog that lets us get on with it. But a rough idea would be…

(Small Sized Dog)

£22 – Ears and Tail
£10 – Symbol / Small pattern
£30 – Ears, Tail and Symbol

(Medium Sized Dog)
£28 – Ears and Tail
£15 – Symbol / Small pattern
£40 – Ears, Tail and Symbol

(Large Sized Dog)

£30 – Ears and Tail
£18 – Symbol / Small pattern
£50 – Ears, Tail and Symbol

add £5 for each additional colour

Some of the patterns can be sculpted out of the hair to give an extra depth and feel, like the picture of Romeo above, this might incur additional costs depending on the complexity of the symbol.
Without the sculpting it would be more of a flat pattern like on this pug. 

Peanut showing off his fancy heart #Cute

Temporary Colours
Unlike the colour dying mentioned above, we also offer some temporary colour dying. We can do this with blow pens or colour sticks. The end results are not as great with the colours not being quite as bright, they can rub off against furniture. For these reasons we don’t really recommend them.


    However, they do have their advantages. If you are not happy with the style they will wash out after one wash, and fade after a few days. They can be good if you are joining in with a group for a day out! How about some pink ears for a stand up to breast cancer walk? Maybe green tail for St Patricks day?

Creative Cutting

Cuts and Styles
We usually do practical cuts on dogs, or show standard if the owner wants to be fancy. These are the typical look when you think of a breed. But maybe you want something different, maybe you want a bit of a Mohawk, like Frank

Frank for days!

Cuts of necessity

    Maybe it is not for aesthetic reasons you want a particular cut. We are often asked to clip dogs in areas ready for surgeries as sometimes vets can just go crazy with their clippers. We will blend it and make it look as best it can.


    What ever idea you have or request, please let us know and we will see how we can approach this for you. We will always try to get the style you are after, but if it is not exactly how you pictured it, please understand how difficult this task is and your dogs hair will always grow back.

Book in with us now

You can also pop in and book. We are not against walk in appointments, but we are usually too booked up to accept them.


If you are wanting the colouring service as an addon to your groom you will need to book it well in advance to make sure we have the time and colours available and to do a patch test.


Always try to contact us a few weeks/months before you want to book in.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My Dog is <Insert Colour> Can you colour them?
    • We can dye any dog any colour. However, not all colours will come out as expected depending on the colour of their hair. It mainly effects the brightness of the colours, so a red on black coat will be a darker red than on a white coat. But if you want yellow and you put it on a brown coat it might also make it look a bit orange instead. We can discuss colours with you if you are interested in the process. 
  • Can I Stay with my dog?
    • No. Dogs will always want to go see their owner, even if they are enjoying the groom. They just love you so much! This can make it a lot harder to groom. If you have a particularly nervy/aggressive dog we will always try without you their first (they are often better than you think). But if the groom is too difficult or dangerous it maybe something we can discuss with you about having you stay for next time.
  • Do you accept… Insert breed?
    • Yes, we will at least give them a go. We can’t think why we wouldn’t be able to groom a dog, unless its temperament was unsafe for us or them. Even your big and hairy dogs we should be able to handle, and we charge for how difficult the groom.
  • Do you accept Nervous or Aggressive Dogs?
    • Yes, we are the leading expert in handling difficult dogs within the area. With many years of experience and a number of well trained staff to assist, if we cant handle your dog you will struggle find someone who can. We also have a gated off back room (our calm room), for dogs that don’t want to be around other dogs. Taking extra measures and precautions maybe reflected in the cost of the groom.
  • Do you take Card Payments?
    • Yes
  • Are you mobile?
If you find any errors within any of these, please do let us know.


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