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Full Groom
Full Groom

Full Groom

The Full Works! This is the most common services we offer. Bath, Dry, Brush Out, Cut and Style, Nail Clip, Ear Clean.

Nail Clip

Nail Clip

Clipping all the nails as much as we safely can. Filing any sharp parts down. We can do this while you wait. This is just £8

Hand Stripping

This is a full groom services, but with lightly hand stripping the top wirey hair. Handstrip, Bath, Dry, Trim and Tidy, Nail Clip, Ear Clean.

Puppy Intro

Hand Stripping

Introduce your puppy to dog grooming so they will be more comfortable with it throughout their life. This service includes, Bath, Blow Dry, Doggy play time, Brush out, Pads trimmed, Nails clipped, Ears Cleaned, Hygiene trim, Eyes cleared, Controlled Doggy interaction session.

Bath and Dry

Hand Stripping

Just a simple Bath and Blow dry for your dog. Great for in-between full grooms to keep your dog smelling fresh. Can help with skin issues to wash any irritants away with our medicated shampoos. Or maybe your dog rolled in fox poop on their walk and you need it sorting!

Doggy Day Care

Hand Stripping

We are not a doggy day care, but we know people want their dog grooming but have other obligations. For an extra fee we will look after your dog for a half or full day when they are in for grooming. No more needing to reschedule. Maybe get the cleaning done ready for them coming back all clean and tidy too.

Pickup and Drop off

Hand Stripping

Check the full details for the captcha area. We can pickup and drop off your dogs for their groom. This needs to be booked in advance of the grooming date. No more rescheduling if your not going to be able to travel.

Mini Groom

Hand Stripping

Good for dogs that need an up keep between full grooms. Or dogs that dont really need full grooms. It consists of Bath, Dry, Brush, Nails Clipped, Ears Cleaned, Hygiene Clip, Pads Cleared, Eyes Cleared.


Hand Stripping

We have a few extras that you can add on to your grooms. Although our full grooms include everything your dog should need on a basic level there are some situations a dog might need some extras.

Deluxe pet spa

Hand Stripping

There are dog grooms, then there are Deluxe Pamper Pet Spa Sessions!! Turn that full groom up to 11. Facial scrubs, teeth cleaning, deep tissue massage, balms and soothers and premium treats on this luxury treatment for your best fury friend!

Creative Grooming


Our creative grooming, is dyeing your dogs hair with beautiful colours to really let them shine! Tester sessions will need to be done prior to the groom. This service needs to be done along side either a full groom or a Bath and dry session.


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