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Just a page about all of us here in the Staceys Dog Grooming Salon!


How It Started.

Stacey many years ago, used to work for Subway. She was their best, fastest and most consistent work. But Stacey was not really a fan of serving sandwiches. A girl she new who worked in the same services station managed to secure a job at a groomers with no experience, this peaked Staceys interest having always loved dogs. This girl biffed the opportunity and Stacey tried to get a job with them, however they were now guarded of hiring someone with no experience in grooming. 


With this setback, Stacey began her training with an introduction course into dog grooming. The instructor of the course was impressed with Staceys progress and suggested she sign up at her grooming academy. It was a hard few months working a full time job while spending her weekends at the academy learning how to groom. 


By the end of the course however Stacey qualified with her Level 3 City & Guilds, and the instructor offering her a job in their salon in Burnley! 


Few months past working in a fast paced salon, sometimes alone, sometimes along side some really good groomers. Stacey was then offered the manager position of another one of their salons in Darwin. Working alone, and later with a member of staff Stacey settled into the job and the role with ease. Again impressing the owners of the company she was pulled from the salon after a year to become a teacher at their academy. 


While working there a number of years it was apparent that there was growing conflicts with the owners after they had a baby and where splitting their time.  Stacey thought it best to leave. While there she built a rapport with one of the other members of staff. Lindsey floated the idea of opening their own dog grooming salon to Stacey.


October 16th 2016 the S & L Dog Grooming salon was opened in Leyland. Everything started great. The only downside looking at the numbers it was apparent that a lot more work would be needed to thrive. This extra workload became a bit to much for Lindsey so after just a few months she parted ways. Stacey was to carry on the salon. 




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