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Just some tips and tricks to help your doggo deal with fireworks, be it bonfire night or new years eve. If you know any not listed here please do let us know via Email
Sound Desensitized
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Spotify Sound Track

Click for a Spotify Firework playlist!

So the theory behind this is simple. Play Firework sounds and after a while your dog will get used to them.
Clicking this link will take you to a Playlist on Spotify of Firework Sounds. 
(if you use other music services you could search for them on their, or on Youtube, or even buy CD’s of them)

Tips for using these desensitizing sounds.

  • Start playing them as soon as you get your dog. Even if its January, if you dog hates them it give you longer to get them ready for the big nights. Especially if your dog is a Puppy get them playing on day one
  • Start the sounds on low volume while you are doing other things or even watching other things. Likely you will be in on bonfire night watching TV and fireworks will be going off in the background. Maybe have them playing in the other room. Increase the volume a little each night.
  • Make sure you stay calm while listening to them. If your dog shows too much stress while doing this stop the sounds and start them again tomorrow. Be patient, desensitizing is a slow process.
  • eventually it would be good if you could have them playing nice and loud to emulate the kind of fireworks you would be hearing from outside on the day.

If you can play YouTube videos on your TV there are also YouTube videos for desensitizing. You can turn out the lights and let the flashes happen on the screen as well as the sounds. Please try our video, The sounds gradually get louder and louder over the hour. The sounds purposefully don’t match the fireworks as if they see any flashes out side the sounds may not all match with them either. 

One of the things we feel helped our dogs is our love of Video games and movies. Mainly action movies with the big explosions and guns firing! Get Die Hard on and play some CoD with your Home theatre system turned way up!! 

Starship Troopers Dog
Stay Indoors
Dog With Tent

Home Fort

Home Fort Time

This should be an obvious one, but keep your dogs indoors. Keep your doors and windows closed and the blinds / curtains drawn.


You can also get a creat / cage for your dog and cover it with a duvet. We always suggest creat training your dog from as soon as you get them. Even if you don’t agree with cages or caging animals, there are plenty of benefits and uses that it is still worth while.

Creating a den for your doggo can give them a place to hide to  help them feel safe. Covering it with a duvet can help dampen the sounds, make sure they wont overheat. Put some high quality treats (proper meats, hot dogs, a digestive biscuit etc (as long as its dog safe food)) in the den along with some water.


Dont close the door of the den and make sure you keep an eye on your dog while they are in there. 

Go for a walk
Dogs out on a walk



OK ok, so this is not contrary to the last point..

This means, take your dog for a nice looooong walk during the day, somewhere fun and adventurous, maybe round a reservoir or out thorough some woods. You want the dog to have a great time, and have lots of exersize. Get them tired out!


We recommend a tracker at all times, but you must at least have some tags on your dog. Microchips should also be kept up to date!


Remember, some silly people still let fireworks off during the day?!? so maybe keep them on a long lead for today.

Once back home and your dog is happy and tired, set about the rest of these suggestions! 

Happy Hoddies


So we use Happy Hoodies here to help dampen the sound of the dryers for the dogs. (the pink thing in the picture above).

Its just strechy towel material that loops around their head. We also use them to help soak up water from round their head while we dry their bodies. 


Although the hoodies dampen the sound which is great for our dryers. They do not get rid of the sound completely. The thing about fireworks is not how loud the sounds are just that they happen suddenly without warning and from any direction. It is often the surprise of the sound that bothers the dogs.


Happy Hoodies < Amazon Link


There are also things like Thundershirts for dogs. These are jackets for your dog that wrapp around and gently squeeze your dog. The feeling of like a hug is comforting to a dog. The official Thundershirts only have a strap round the front and then round the tummy but we feel it is beneficial if it goes down the front of the chest between the front legs also. 

Comfort clothing < Amazon Link

Pill Bottle

Pill Bottle

Medication should not be the first protocol when dealing with a behaviour problem. This solution is not great for long term, most vets wouldnt want your dog to be medicated when older, and they might also conflict with other medications your dog may need in the future.


However, you can still try to train your dog while the medications take the edge off. Also to help if it is really bad in the beginning. Dogs can die from panic and stress so if the choice is medicating or heart attack it is worth considering.

There are over the counter medications like YuMoves Calming tablets. Or the more serious medications can be prescribed from the vet like Xanex (Alprazolam) or Valium (Diazepam). You will obviously need to consult with a Vet regarding this. 

YuMove Calming Tablets

None of the suggestions mentioned here are going to solve the problem all on their own. They may not even solve the problem if you use all of them at once. These are marly things you can do to help take the edge of the issue. And to help with training your dog to become used to the fireworks. Hopefully in the future you and your maybe able to sit at the window and watch the fireworks together. 

Good Luck


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